Lewes Realty has been serving Lewes and its surrounding communities for more than 18 years. We handle beach rental properties in Lewes, Broadkill Beach, Slaughter Beach, Prime Hook Beach, and parts of Rehoboth.  We are a well-established Lewes Company that has years of experience to handle all types of rentals. We have hundreds of repeat tenants and new tenants as well. We have an inventory of 150- 200 rentals at all times.  We handle seasonal and year-round properties in those communities as well as the surrounding areas of Milton, Angola, and Harbeson. We have a very high demand for all types of homes, condos and townhomes to rent in Lewes and surrounding areas.

If you are thinking of renting your home, please call Julie Gritton or Zack Sieber, our experienced and helpful “Rental and Sales Team” at Lewes Realty 1-800-705-7590 or 302-645-1955. They will enjoy guiding you through the rental process.


Here at Lewes Realty, we believe word of mouth is the best referral and we would like to give back to our loyal clients.  We are happy to introduce the new rental owner referral program, unique to Lewes Realty rental owners.

Any owner who refers to us a friend, family member, or acquaintance and they sign up to rent with Lewes Realty as an active rental owner for the 2017 rental season will receive:

A 1% reduction in their commission for 2018!

& their referral will receive:

A 1st year 1% commission reduction for the 2017!

If an owner refers 2 new owners then this would mean you would start the 2018 rental season with a reduced commission rate of 10%*.

Please make sure your referral gives your name to us when they first contact us so we can note your account and you receive  your reduced rate.

We are always in need and have waiting list of clients for weekly rentals, seasonal rentals, and year-round rentals.  This year we are seeing many of our properties fully booked for the 2017 rental season and more requests for properties that have resulted in many tenants being put on waiting lists. If you have know someone who is looking to rent, or looking to buy please let us know as we would be happy to assist them.

*Commission rates will vary depending on co-brokes, and current commission rate, and can not be lower the 10% each year, but owners can carry over referrals for the next rental season to maintain their reduced commission rate*

Join Our Rental Program

Lewes Realty is currently seeking new owners for their summer vacation rentals, seasonal and yearround rental programs.  We have seen an increased amount of people looking from properties in Lewes, Lewes Beach, Broadkill Beach, and Rehoboth Beach areas.  The demand is resulting in waiting list for properties.  We are looking for owners who are looking to rent the house for the yearround, seasonally or just a few weeks.  If you are looking to make extra rental income please contact one of our friendly staff today!

Our Rental Department and agents welcome you to list your property in our rental program! You can call or contact us to discuss with an agent how we can help get you the maximum amount of rentals for your property.