Each Reservation requires:

A non-refundable $75.00 processing fee.

All License Agreements require a damage proctection plan, The cost  is $70.00 for Accidental Protection Insurance. In the case of Non-accidental, the guest agrees to replace or restore any personal property which may be broken, lost, destroyed or damaged, and excepting for ususal wear and tear, to repair all damages and injuries to the buildings hereby licensed, resulting from a lack of a reasonalbe care and attention by the guest or by negligence of the Guest, family and/or other guest.

We do not OFFER Travel Insurance but we do strongly feel you should purchase Travel Insurance.  You can call USAA, AAA or you can google Travel Insurance on-line.

CANCELLATION PROCEDURE: Call to notify our office immediately.  If you have a Travel Insurance policy, call the insurance company directly to make your claim to determine if you have a "covered" cancellation. If you do not have Travel Insurance and if you are not covered under your cancellation coverage through your Travel Insurance, We will try to re-rent the property. If the property does re-rent then you will receive a refund minus 20% based off of the total rental rate. Don't forget that your contract must be paid in full. No refunds will be given if reservations is cancelled within 2 weeks of scheduled arrival. Tenant will forfeit all moneys. See back of lease for more details.

Final payments are due 30 days prior to check-in date. You can pay by check, money order, cash, or certified check.

Check-In Time is 3:00 pm on Saturday and check-out is at 10am on Saturday. This is so we can accomodate for the extra cleaning that needs to be done to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Employment Opportunities

Lewes Realty is interested in hiring a few good REALTORS with great Customer Service skills.

For experienced agents:

       1.    We will pay Higher Commissions than present, no 3-6% franchise Fees taken from commissions, No fees for buyer or selling agent on listing and sales. E&O paid by the company. First 1000 business cards free. Best of all Great walk-in business and parking. Great opportunity to Succeed!! All inquiries are confidential.

       2.    If you are not a REALTOR but would like more information on how to begin and enjoy a challenging and fulfilling career full or part time. Please call Lewes Realty @ 302-645-1955 and ask for Richard, Carole or Jody or email richard@lewesrealty.com

COVID 19 Update

Dear Valued Customers & Clients

  Every season is Beautiful in Historic Lewes! Our lastest COVID19 restrictions are as follows: Wear your mask in stores, restaurants, and offices or enclosed building. Lewes has told us to emphasize that masks should be worn on the first two blocks of Front St., Second St., and Third St. (The Shopping and Business district) where you can't social distance. They also want you to wear your mask in the Beach Public Parking areas and bathhouses. 

  You do NOT have to wear masks, when walking in open areas, in cars or on bicycles, or on the beach. The Beach rules are, you must stay 6 feet away from the next party of beach-goers.

   Beach Rental properties are all being cleaned and sanitized between tenants. Cleaner hours have been extended a hour and a 1/2 to allow more time for a deeper cleaning. Check-in times are between 3:00-3:30pm.

   We are Happy to welocme you back for your beach vacation! Hope to see you soon. We have spring, SUMMER, fall, and winter rentals!! Call us to enjoy all seasons in Beautiful Lewes!!