As a Delawre Beach Realtor, I am dedicatied to providing friendly, professional, and educated service to each and every client. As a local property owner myself, I understand the value of neighborhood and community; one of my goals it to help you find the beach home that is right for you.

  Our may vibrant, growing Delaware Beach communities offer a varierty of neighborhood experiences and amenities. Many communities have HOA and/or condo fees. Some have lot rent or land rent. Fee structures and amenities vary; understanding what you get for your money is important. Iam here jto simplify and help you compare so that you can make an informed decision about your new beach adventure.

  I have been a builder and resl estate investor for most of my life.  Whether you are looking for new construction or a charming older home, I  can help you to decide which home is right for you.

  Besing an Eastern Hore native, trips to the beach were a highlight of my childhood. I often reminisce about these trips: the smell of the ocean, my excitement at the sight of the beach toys at roadside stands, and the opportunity to indulge in ice cream, popcorn, and the syrup-filled wax bottles from the snack stand at Lewes Beach. I am her to help you and your loved ones make memories. my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Zack Sieber

REALTOR®    Sales & Rental Agent
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Emy Garzia

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Employment Opportunities

Lewes Realty is interested in hiring a few good REALTORS with great Customer Service skills.

For experienced agents:

       1.    We will pay Higher Commissions than present, no 3-6% franchise Fees taken from commissions, No fees for buyer or selling agent on listing and sales. E&O paid by the company. First 1000 business cards free. Best of all Great walk-in business and parking. Great opportunity to Succeed!! All inquiries are confidential.

       2.    If you are not a REALTOR but would like more information on how to begin and enjoy a challenging and fulfilling career full or part time. Please call Lewes Realty @ 302-645-1955 and ask for Richard, Carole or Jody or email

COVID 19 Update

Dear Valued Customers & Clients,

  We understand that everyone may have concerns about the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are all closely monitoring the situation, as it changes day by day.

  Summer Rentals: COVID-19 is certainly beyond our control, and it is too soon to know the impact that it will have for the upcoming summer rental season. If you have purchased travel insurance, as we encouraged tenants to do on all short-term rental leases, then you should contact your travel insurance carrier to ask specific questions, regarding their coverage for this particular virus. Please refer to travel guidelines and information on the CDC website:(, World Health Organizations, and State of Delaware website: for all the latest information in regards to COVID-19. As always, we are continuing to monitor the Coronavirus Pandemic and will update you as more information becomes available.

  Real Estate Sales: Customers have been inquiring as to whether we are still able to show property and work on real estate sales in general. The Governor of Delaware has issued specific guidelines to all Real Estate professionals, stating that we are able to show property, so long as we take the recommended precautions in order to reduce the spread of the virus, including social distancing. Please be sure that you are not sick and/or running a fever before setting appointments, and we will not accept appointments from clients/customers that have had known contact with a person who has been diagnosed with the virus. We are keeping our office CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC and strictly sanitizing all areas. We also have reduced the number of staff that have access to our office. We can work by appointment, and we are able to execute contracts and many other necessary real estate documents via the internet, by electronic signature. We are not permitted to do Open Houses or to have any large gatherings. Everyone's safety and health is our primary concern. We will make further changes to our policies and procedures in compliance with the State and Federal guidelines as necessary.

As always we thank you for your business and hope that you stay safe and healthly!