For your protection Lewes Realty is offering travel insurance for the 2014 rental season on your reservation by partnering with Red Sky.  

Why would you need vacation rental insurance?

When you go on vacation, you expect to have a good time, get some sun, walk on the beach, enjoy your family, and lose track of time. Vacations are supposed to be an escape from your real-life worries.
Sun Trip Preserver provides trip insurance, emergency assistance and travel services, hurricane evacuations and assistance for family emergencies such as illness or death in the family.
Talk to one of our Rental Agents today about Vacation Rental Insurance or click here to review details on how travel insurance can provide peace of mind before booking your next vacation.

Read this PDF file for Full Policy Details.
If you have need to file a claim, Click Here for the Claims Form.

Additional information can be found on Red Sky’s website:

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